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The homelessness and housing sectors currently face a huge and unprecedented challenge. How do we support some of the people most at risk of coronavirus in our society to keep themselves safe? How do they find and access self-contained accommodation for people at a point where all the usual means of doing that are shut down? How do we provide the basics of food and sanitation when even those of us with a home are struggling to do that?


The Coronavirus has ushered in unprecedented and uncertain times for all of us, but there’s no doubting that people facing homelessness are hit uniquely hard by the pandemic. Those forced to sleep rough are more likely to suffer from respiratory conditions and other illnesses that will make them particularly vulnerable to the virus.


People facing homelessness, particularly those who are rough sleeping, are hit uniquely hard by t...


Introducing the first of two reports from our HRA research project. This one looks at the early implementation of the Act in 6 local areas and is based on almost 1000 surveys exploring how it is working from the perspective of people facing homelessness


None of us can be certain about the future. Jobs come and go, our health can decline and a host o...


Rough sleeping is the most brutal and devastating form of homelessness. Right now, thousands of people across England are living on the streets; sleeping in doorways and bus shelters, exposed to extreme weather and abuse and — in the worst cases — dying because of it.


The Action Group chair reports back from the February meeting, which looked at how to scale-up rapid rehousing and get local partnerships in place to end homelessness.


Our recent policy seminar asked what role a ‘rapid rehousing’ approach can play in ending homelessness in Wales, drawing on the research and implementation at home and abroad.


The Prevention Review Group met yesterday, our third meeting since we started our work in November. As discussions have unfolded, some initial recommendations have emerged as to how we see homelessness prevention developing in Scotland.


The EU Settlement Scheme can be a lifeline for people experiencing homelessness in the UK. But some key changes are needed to ensure that vulnerable people aren’t shut out of this opportunity to end their homelessness for good.