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Temporary accommodation is an important first step in helping homeless people find a safe and secure home. But in parts of Scotland some people are being placed in unsuitable accommodation, such as unsupported hostels, lodging houses or B&Bs for months at a time without access to basic facilities such as a washing machine or cooking facilities.

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This year, homelessness has finally returned to the political agenda, and with 160,000 households...

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Kate Nightingale, Head of Marketing and Communications shares why we reached out for a new Storyteller to gather stigma-shattering stories to end homelessness.

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On Tuesday, 19 July I was at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster to give a speech about my experiences of being on the streets, coming out of prison with nowhere to go and supporting other people facing homelessness. The event was the launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Ending Homelessness (APPGEH) Report 2017.

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As the legacy of Crisis’ 50th anniversary year, we plan to develop and publish an authoritative “Plan to End Homelessness” setting out what will need to be done in Great Britain if we are serious about ending homelessness once and for all – how long it would take, what investment and policies would be needed, and what role all of us will need to play.

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In simple terms they will go up. New Crisis research published today conducted by Heriot--Watt Un...

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Private renting is increasingly the biggest solution to homelessness and yet, for some time now,...

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This blog originally featured on Huffington Post This week the new Government set out its priorit...

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In recent weeks and months, we’ve learned that a number of Crisis clients have been caught up in the Government’s policy to detain rough sleepers from the European Economic Area (EEA) and send them back to their country of origin. It’s hard to imagine UK nationals ever being treated with such little respect for their wishes or wellbeing, and we’re urging the Government to suspend this policy immediately.

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The Crisis policy conference on “Ending Homelessness: What Needs to Change” took place on 20 April and marked the launch of our national consultation on ending homelessness.

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