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When the Chancellor delivered his Budget yesterday we were waiting with baited breath to see if there would be anything on homelessness. The Huffington Post had trailed that there might be a small amount of cash but nothing big. But we were not disappointed. The Chancellor had listened to our supporters and the many politicians who called for more action to tackle homelessness, and in particular for investment in Help to Rent projects to support homeless people move into and sustain tenancies in the private rented sector.

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We did it! Together with our supporters, the National Landlords Association and the Residential Landlords Association, we convinced the Chancellor to help homeless people rent.

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Today the Government will announce details of its Budget, just a few days after the Prime Minister has promised to take “personal charge” of her mission to build more homes across the UK.

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The past week has been very significant for Crisis in our key Home. No less will do campaign which calls on the Government to fund Help to Rent projects, and a national rent deposit scheme ahead of the Budget statement on 22 November.

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In the four weeks since the first meeting of the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Group, th...

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The Government has announced it is pushing ahead with the ban on letting agent fees, which is goo...

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Last week Crisis attended Conservative Party Conference to meet with MPs to help ensure that ending homelessness remains high on the political agenda. Many predicted that the conference would be dominated by Brexit and leadership tussles, and whilst there's no doubt these loomed large, we were also pleased to see homelessness and housing feature heavily.

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This week’s announcement that national government might “allow” subsidy to be spent providing social rented homes in England – with the potential to deliver 5,000 social rent homes a year - is a step in the right direction to tackle the chronic shortage of housing available to homeless people.

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There was a distinct note of determination in the air as we all took our seats for the inaugural...

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The last few months have seen Housing First break through into the homelessness and political agenda in the UK. Crisis has enthusiastically promoted the potential contribution it can make because the evidence base for the outcomes it achieves is compelling.

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