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Francesca Albanese

Head of Research and Evaluation, Crisis

Francesca has worked at Crisis since 2016. She is also an editorial panel member at Thinkhouse. Prior to Crisis Francesca worked at Homeless Link and Shelter.

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In simple terms they will go up. New Crisis research published today conducted by Heriot--Watt Un...

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As a society, it’s a question we ask ourselves a lot, even though many of us have come to see rough sleeping as an aspect of the world we live in, that, however tragic, will always be with us. But what if there was a way to end it for good?

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Crisis, along with partners in the homelessness sector, has identified the critical role public attitudes have in building support and political commitment for action and change.

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Housing First is the most important recent innovation in tackling homelessness. Effective for an incredible 80 per cent of people, it’s based on an ethos that is simple yet radical; get people quickly into stable homes and from this point any other support needs – such as alcohol or drug dependency, physical and/or mental health – are addressed through coordinated and intensive support.

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What is the scale of homelessness on any given night? There are 170,800 households across Gre...

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The publication last week of our state of the nation report, the Homelessness Monitor England, co...

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