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A shortage of homes and high rents both cause homelessness. These issues also make it difficult for people to move on from homelessness into a stable home.

How can this be solved?

We are calling on governments across the UK to provide more low cost housing for people who need it. Rents should be set at levels that people on low incomes can afford, or benefit rules should be changed. Councils, housing associations and private landlords must all make sure that their properties are of a decent standard. People should not have to move every few months. We want to see more schemes that help homeless people find and keep accommodation.

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Real life stories

Read how losing and gaining a home has an impact on people's lives.

'There was no formal eviction notice... Then he started to harass me. They were banging on the doors, banging the windows. Shouting at me to leave. In the end I went to the Citizens Advice Bureau, and I got tremendous help from the Law Centre. They got in touch with the landlord and took him to court twice because he hadn’t given me the legal eviction notice called Section 21... When I left it was awful. The locks were changed and the door closed behind me for good. Saying goodbye to all my neighbours. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I just felt lost... I went from working and living in my own home to living in a hotel, homeless, with no job. I couldn’t believe what my life had come to.'

'Knowing I’ve got a secure tenancy on my own place which I don’t have to share with strangers is incredible. Just to be anonymous again was a big relief. I live in a normal community away from old influences. I have my own keys and I manage my own home. I know I could still get evicted, but having that responsibility has always made me not do anything to risk that. Just knowing that people believe in you and are prepared to give you that respect makes a huge difference. I’ve got a roof over my head, I’m able to get on with my neighbours, I have food and electricity. That makes me feel quite blessed now.'

'I’ve been to the council here four or five times but because I’ve got no friends or family in the area they always said I’m not entitled to any help from them. The people who’ve been the nicest to me have actually been the local police. In the end two police officers came to the council with me and said it was against my human rights what they were doing to me. That’s what it took to make them change their mind. After that they said they should be able to give me somewhere next week. It’s taken six months but I can’t wait. I’d never been homeless before. I had no idea what it was like. I’ve actually got a job in the Highland Hotel waiting for me as soon as I move in. It’s only a dishwasher but it’s still a job. I got it while I was homeless but until I get that address I’m not allowed to start work.'

How this impacts homelessness

Our evidence on the different types of housing available in the UK and barriers to accessing them.



of private landlords will let their properties to homeless people

Six out of ten councils find it hard to access social tenancies for homeless people


CAMPAIGN WIN: Together, we convinced the Chancellor to help homeless people rent.

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