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Crisis is a leading source for knowledge on homelessness in the UK. Here you will find research about homelessness trends, the causes of homelessness and its impacts.

Homelessness Monitor

The Homelessness Monitor is a longitudinal study, commissioned by Crisis and is funded by Crisis and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, providing an independent analysis of the homelessness impacts of recent economic and policy developments in the UK.

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Benefits and employment

Research into how the welfare system impacts on homelessness

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Services and interventions

Analysis looking at the effectiveness of homeless services from Crisis and others.

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Health and wellbeing

Research into the impact homelessness has on physical and mental health

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Housing models and access

Evidence on the different types of housing available in the UK and barriers to accessing them

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International plans to end homelessness

Research from overseas on ending homelessness.

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Cost of homelessness

Research into the personal and societal costs of homelessness and the impact on services

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Types of homelessness

Research into categories and definitions of homelessness

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Homelessness research


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The Homelessness Monitor: Wales 2017

Independent study on the impact of recent economic and policy developments on homelessness

Homelessness projections: Core homelessness in Great Britain (2017)

The first part of a two-part study examining the current and projected levels of different categories of homelessness, defined as ‘core’ and ‘wider’ homelessness.

Homelessness Monitor: England 2017

Independent study on the impact of recent economic and policy developments on homelessness

Ending homelessness faster by focusing on 'what works' (2017)

Towards a world-leading centre for homelessness impact: Outline business case and feasibility study.

Improving Access to the Private Rented Sector: A Best Practice Report. Scotland (2016)

Best practice report showcasing the work done by some of the highest performing rent deposit guarantee schemes in Scotland and England.

Creating Successful Shared Tenancies Annual Report - Scotland (2016)

This report addresses concerns around the management of shared tenancies, namely improving sustainment rates and looking at the experiences of those engaging with sharing services.

Crisis' Private Rented Sector Access Development Programme (2014)

Final evaluation of the Private Rented Sector Access Development Programme which began in 2010.

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