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By volunteering with Crisis you can make a real difference to people experiencing homelessness.

Thank you for visiting the volunteering section of our website.

We are currently working out how we can best mobilise our volunteers to support our members and other people who are affected by homelessness.

The Coronavirus pandemic could be devastating for people who are experiencing homelessness. Many have limited access to sanitation facilities and are more likely than the general population to have an underlying health condition. If someone is sleeping rough or in a night shelter, it’s simply impossible to follow government advice and self-isolate.

We will update you as soon as we can.

In the meantime, here’s how to keep volunteering:
Guidance from the National Council for Voluntary Organisations
Volunteering and Coronavirus - how you can help.

Covid Mutual Aid UK is a group of volunteers supporting local community groups organising mutual aid throughout the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK. Find out more and find your local group here: Look for what’s already set up in your area

If you would like to be matched with volunteering opportunities in your area or with small charities please visit this site: https://www.smallcharities.org.uk/covid-19-volunteering-in-your-area/

And even though you are keen to support others, please do be mindful to look after your own wellbeing