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Our work would not be possible without generous donations from philanthropists.

Our supporters share the belief that we can end homelessness. Like us they want to help rebuild lives, prevent homelessness and campaign for change.

As one of our key supporters, your involvement can have a real impact. We work side by side with thousands of people affected by homelessness to rebuild their lives. We offer practical support and help people to build their confidence and skills. You can help make a difference.

In our 50th year, we are developing a plan to end homelessness. We know that homelessness is not inevitable. By working together with like-minded people who share our goal, we will achieve it.

Please get involved in our work to see first-hand how we rebuild people’s lives.

How you can help

There are lots of ways you could personally contribute. For example, you could offer your professional expertise on a pro bono basis or use your influence to help affect change. You could make introductions to people we should know, make significant contributions towards funding Crisis projects, or all of the above.

In return we will bring our work alive and ensure you see the full impact of your involvement. We can ensure you receive any of the following if that is your choice:


Contact us directly

If you're interested in supporting Crisis, please get in touch with the Philanthropy team: 

philanthropy@crisis.org.uk / 020 7036 2869.

Please also take a look at our Impact Report and About us pages to find out more about us.