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Private Renting Champions

Our Private Renting Champions emerged through our funding and support programmes for Help to Rent schemes. Each of these demonstrated innovative solutions to commonly shared challenges. The champions are keen to share their experiences to help you to support landlords and tenants to improve your own scheme.  

The Champions have been grouped by here by theme. Each submitted a report to the programme containing practical tips for success, focused on the challenges that schemes commonly report.  Please email us at bestpractice@crisis.org.uk for reports from 2015.

The Champions are happy to talk to colleagues from across the sector in more detail so do pick up the phone to ask their advice on specific issues you are facing.

Support for tenants

  • Porchlight (Kent) - health and wellbeing champions in 2015 
  • SHP (London) - improving clients’ financial capability champions in 2015
  • Oasis Aquila Bond Scheme - creating sustainable tenancies champions in 2013 
  • Porchlight - peer mentoring and volunteering champions in 2013 
  • Shelter Great Yarmouth - engaging with young people on the private rented sector champions in 2013 
  • CAYSH (Croydon) - empowering tenants to widen landlord recruitment champions in 2013

Support for landlords 

  • CABWHABAC (Worcestershire) and The Whitechapel Centre (Merseyside) - landlord and client support champions in 2015
  • Elmbridge Rentstart (Surrey) - innovative ways of improving supply champions in 2015
  • Derventio (Derbyshire) - addressing property conditions in the private rented sector champions in 2015
  • Derventio - leasing properties in the private rented sector champions in 2013
  • The Bond Board - setting up a Local Letting Agency champions in 2013
  • Framework (Nottingham) –  champions in 2013

Working with others

  • Bond Board (Rochdale & Bolton) - partnership working champions in 2015
  • CABWABAC - working in a rural high demand area champions in 2013 
  • Elmbridge Rentstart - utilising local resource and funding champions in 2013 
  • Irish Causeway & Refugee Council - working in partnership to assist migrants in the PRS champions in 2013
  • North Devon SmartMove Partnership - measuring outcomes and evidencing impact champions in 2013
  • The Whitechapel Centre - partnership working champions in 2013 

Other sources of help

We produce toolkits, templates and best practice guides for professionals working across the housing sector. We particularly work with Help to Rent projects and schemes developing shared housing solutions. See information for:

Your feedback

Please get in touch if you have any comments about our resources, particularly if you have suggestions for improvement. If you have your own examples of best practice which you think will benefit others, then also please let us know. Email us at bestpractice@crisis.org.uk