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Crisis responds to new rough sleeping statistics for London

New figures today from the Combined Homelessness and Information Network (CHAIN) – the most comprehensive data available about the number of rough sleepers in London – reveals that 3217 people rough slept across London from January to March 2019, a 31% increase from the same period last year and a 2% decrease from last quarter. (1)

In response, Jon Sparkes, Chief Executive of Crisis said:

“It’s not right that anyone should be sleeping rough in our society, so any rise in the number of rough sleepers in London is devastating news, especially when levels are already so high. But we now know more than ever what it will take to end homelessness - and we must use this as a catalyst to do just that.

“All forms of homelessness can be ended if the government tackles the root causes. This means building the social housing London needs, and making sure that housing benefit covers the true cost of renting for those in who have no choice but to rent privately. The time is now to ensure everyone has a safe and stable home to build their lives in.”


Notes to editors 

(1) https://data.london.gov.uk/download/chain-reports/ec58d862-36a9-4d93-9228-6b0787e9dae5/2018%20-%202019%20Quarterly%20Reports%20Q4.zip