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Application, interview and shortlisting process

Application process

How do I apply for a job?

All of our vacancies are on Crisis Jobs Online, a secure recruitment portal.

Once you have registered, you will be asked to provide some personal details as well as information about your work experience, education and referees who can be contacted if you are offered the role.

You will also be required to complete a personal statement, demonstrating how you meet each of the points on the person specification for the job.

Can I apply by sending my CV?

Occasionally we accept CVs and a covering letter but only if this requested in the advert for the post. We don’t accept speculative applications or hold CVs on file.

What should I do if I can’t complete an online application?

If you would like to apply in a different format, for example in a Word document, because you are unable to use the online process, please contact the HR Team on 020 7426 3814 / 3819 / 3864 or by email at human.resources@crisis.org.uk.

It is helpful if you provide details of your requirements or suggestions about how we might best support you to apply so that we’re able to consider alternatives.

Completing the personal statement

How can I maximise my chance of being shortlisted?

It is important that you complete all sections of the online application form to ensure that the recruiting panel understand your interests, skills, behaviours, knowledge and experience.

Shortlisting is mostly based on the information you provide in the personal statement section. When completing this, please reference each of the points listed in the job description in the order in which they appear. There will be 15 boxes, so if there are less than 15 points, you won’t need to use all of the boxes.

Support your statements with specific examples that show how you meet each of the person specification points. You may wish to use the STAR approach:

S or T - Situation or Task

Describe the situation or the task that you had to complete. It could be something from your previous employment or personal experience – just make sure it’s relevant. Given enough detail for the person shortlisting to understand what was involved.

A - Action

Describe the action you personally took to resolve the situation or task. Explain the process/steps you took. Even if you are describing a group project, describe what you did rather than what the team did as a whole.

R - Result

This is the crucial part of the answer. Explain how your actions resulted in a successful outcome. Talk about what you achieved, the benefits and what you learned.

A strong application will also be in line with the Crisis values.

Please note! If you don’t provide full responses against all of the person specification points, the panel won’t be able to score your application fully and it will be unlikely there is enough information for you to be shortlisted.

The person specification requires a particular qualification or experience that I do not have. Is it still worth me applying?

The person specification has the key knowledge, skills, experience or behaviours needed to carry out the job successfully and you will be scored based on any information you provide.

If you don’t quite meet the criteria, for example if you have an understanding of something rather than experience of doing it yourself, you may still pick up points for explaining your understanding or how you might approach it.

However, some of the person specification points, for example specific qualifications, are critical to the role so if you don’t meet those requirements, you are unlikely to be shortlisted.

Shortlisting and feedback

How quickly will I know if I have been shortlisted?

Every recruitment campaign will be different depending on how quickly the shortlisting panel can review applications but if you have not been shortlisted, you will receive an email from us confirming that.

If I am not shortlisted, can I get feedback on my application?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer feedback on your application if you are not shortlisted for interview.

Can I get feedback after my interview?

We appreciate that information about where you did well or less well can be useful, so if you are not successful following interview we are able to provide feedback.


I recently applied for a role and was not successful, but have seen the role re-advertised. Is it worth me applying again?

If the gap between advertising has been short, we would normally advise that candidates need not apply again, unless you have re-written and enhanced your application. Some examples might be that you have strengthened your examples using the STAR technique above or put in responses against all the person specification points where previously you hadn’t. 

Reset your password and allow 15 - 20 minutes for a new password to arrive. We find that emails can go to junk or clutter folders so it's worth checking there. As Crisis Jobs Online is managed by an external provider we are unable to access the email addresses registered or provide further information on your password, but following this step should resolve the issue. 

If you did not receive a welcome email when you registered, there may have been an error in the email address that you provided. Unfortunately, there is no way to resolve this and you would need to re-register with the correct address.

Where can I get help?

If your query has not been answered above, you can contact the HR Team on 020 7426 3814 / 3819 / 3864 or by email human.resources@crisis.org.uk for further information or support.