Now that Hazel’s found a home she wants to tell you her story.

Hazel's story

I was first introduced to Crisis through one of the women’s refuges I was staying at. Lots of people don’t realise just how much Crisis do outside their centres, to reach out to people. For women like me, having them come in and help us where we were staying, where we felt safe, was amazing.

Because if you’re in a refuge you can feel really isolated, scared of going out and doing things. Crisis ignited the spark that made me actually want to live. 

I hope you’ll be able to give them a donation today. Your support really could change someone else’s life, just like it changed mine.

Later I went in to a Crisis Skylight centre, to get more help and try to resolve my situation. Everyone at Crisis was great – so accepting and kind – but it was Rebecca who helped me find a home. She helped me see the whole process through until I was ready to move in. If there was a meeting to go to, Rebecca went with me, a form to fill in, Rebecca helped me. It’s like you’re in a boat, they push you off from the side but they get in with you, show you how to sail and stay with you until you can do it on your own. 

All of it means that I’m only going one way now, and that’s forward.

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Hazel's story
One of the ways we’re helping people like Hazel is by campaigning for a change to the Domestic Abuse Bill. We know there is a clear link between homelessness and domestic abuse. Many survivors of domestic abuse leave their home to escape a dangerous partner. Without the guarantee of a safe home, survivors have no option but to return to an abusive situation, or face the devastating consequences of homelessness. The A Safe Home campaign, run by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Ending Homelessness, is calling for this change to be delivered through the Domestic Abuse Bill. The Bill could extend automatic priority need to all survivors, so that anyone fleeing domestic abuse in England is guaranteed a safe home.

To find out how you can help, visit our A Safe Home campaign


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could give someone support to help them find a safe place to call home

I'll help someone like Hazel leave homelessness behind for good.

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