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Cover the Cost

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Cover the Cost: Crisis campaign to restore Local Housing Allowance rates to prevent homelessness

In 94% of areas in Britain, one in five or less private rented homes are affordable to single people, couples, or small families who need housing benefit. Enter your postcode below to find out how affordable your area is:

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Everybody should have a stable home they can afford.

When some people are struggling, it has an impact on our whole society. And right now, people who need support are being forced into homelessness.  

Nicole struggles with her physical and mental health. Like many others, Nicole receives housing benefit to help her pay her rent as there is a severe shortage of more affordable social housing – but this crucial support falls short of her rent by nearly £300 a month. She worries that her life will fall apart if she loses her flat.    

Like Nicole, thousands of others who need this support are locked in a struggle to pay their rent, on top of trying to cover the cost of food and bills. For many, the constant pressure is too much and people lose their home. 

Is this the hardest game of would you rather?

If the UK Government invested in housing benefit so that it covered just the cheapest third of private rents, it could prevent thousands of people like Nicole from becoming homeless. It would also lift thousands more, including over 35,000 children, out of poverty. 

But without action, the number of people experiencing the worst forms of homelessness will more than double in the next two decades. Until there are enough truly affordable homes built, housing benefit must cover the cost of rent. 

The UK Government is currently deciding its spending priorities for the next year. MPs across England, Scotland and Wales can influence their choices. And it’s your MP’s job to listen to you.    

Will you add your voice and call for housing benefit to cover the cost of rent? 

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