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Crisis Skylight Member Code of Conduct

We want our services to be welcoming and positive and for all members to feel safe and valued when using them. To help create this environment all members are asked to abide by the following:  
I will:
  • Treat other members, volunteers and staff with respect and courtesy at all times.
  • Respect the differences between myself and others and avoid any language or behaviour that might be offensive to others. 
  • Be on time for classes and appointments and where possible will inform the relevant person if I am going to be absent or delayed for an activity I am expected to attend.
  • Take good care of the materials, resources, buildings and environment that I work in.
  • Avoid any illegal activity including through the misuse of computers and other equipment.
  • Take responsibility for my personal wellbeing and ensure that:
    • a) I am not under the influence of drugs or alcohol while participating in Crisis’ services. 
    • b)    any alcohol or drug use does not negatively impact on my participation in Crisis’ services.  (please check with your Skylight if version a) or b) applies in your area)
If any breaches of these commitments occur, a discussion will take place with a staff member and you may be asked to leave for the day or a longer period of time. If a member feels that another member is not observing the Code of Conduct they should speak to a Crisis member of staff.