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Housing information for local authorities

Many local authorities use the Private Rented Sector (PRS) to house local people who are either homeless or at risk of homeless.

To make this work, it is vital that as a local authority you have a strategic approach to working with the PRS. This needs to apply across all your services and where possible in partnership with neighbouring councils. This will help you to make the PRS work for your tenants and landlords as well as improve standards and challenge bad practice.

Since 1997 we have worked to make the PRS a housing option for homeless people. Using this experience of funding and running programmes, we have produced practical best practice guides to support you to set up and develop access to the PRS.

Support to develop your services

Our work is focused on delivering and supporting Help to Rent Projects across the UK. Help to Rent is an umbrella term covering any initiative or scheme which aims to make the private rented sector (PRS) a viable housing option for people in housing need.

We have also developed support for social housing landlords looking to provide shared housing within their housing stock.

We offer consultancy services and guides to help you to develop services to support homeless people into local lets. Get in touch with our PRS advisory service to find out more. We are also very happy to talk to you about providing more in-depth support in person if you are setting up a project or developing your existing one.

Support for your clients

We can deliver our Renting Ready pre-tenancy training course to your clients or we can train you to deliver it. The course has been widely taken up by local authorities and other organisations supporting homeless people to access tenancies in the private and social sector.

Support with the Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA)

Crisis played a key role in the development of the HRA (see our No One Turned Away Campaign). To ensure the new legal duties have a real impact, we will be working in close partnership with five local authorities to effectively implement the HRA in the spirit intended.

This work will be used to develop a best practice toolkit so materials and learning can be shared with other local authorities and wider stakeholders. This learning will be made publicly available on our website. The partnership will provide an excellent opportunity to trial the practical application of the new obligations under the HRA and ways to make the new duties work in practice. It also presents an opportunity to gather evidence to respond to the government's review of the legislation in two years' time. We want to present a united front with local authorities about what is and isn't working and where more support is required.

If you would like to discuss your approach to the Homelessness Reduction Act and its impact on your locality, please contact our Best Practice Team.

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