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Our housing work in Scotland

Our housing team in Scotland are part-funded by Scottish Government and provide support, advice and best practice to organisations providing services to homeless people.

Housing advice

If you are looking for housing advice we offer this as part of our services at Crisis Skylight Edinburgh. There is also advice with links to other organisations that may be able to help you in How to get help.

Support for housing professionals

We produce materials to support local authorities, housing associations, private landlords and Help to Rent projects to set up and develop housing options. Where significant differences in legislation exist between England and Scotland we have developed Scotland specific materials. However, in most cases our practical materials are relevant across Great Britain. Visit our Housing Centre for more information.

We have promoted and collated best practice in the use of the private rented sector (PRS) as a housing option in Scotland since 2005. With this practice we have developed a number of practical toolkits and advice materials which you will find within the Housing Centre. We know there is an increasing need to develop the PRS as a housing option as supply and access to social housing is restricted for homeless people. Through our work across the UK we have seen how the PRS can be a viable and secure option and, we believe, the proposed changes to PRS legislation in Scotland will largely further support this.

We are also funded by government to provide specific support to organisations developing shared housing projects. Welfare reform changes which have impacted on people under 35 in the PRS and from 2019 in the social sector will have significant impacts on housing supply for this group. We are therefore offering support and training to projects developing shared housing.

We draw on our own direct services experience, including those from Crisis Skylight Edinburgh, and the support we have provided to other organisations across the UK to inform our best practice. So we are uniquely placed to provide solutions from comparable housing markets regardless of their location in the UK.

If you don’t find the information you are looking for in the Housing Centre or if you would like to find out how we can support you directly then please contact us at private.renting@crisis.org.uk